“My psychotic streak for evil music has been re-ignited.”: A Conversation with Angelspit’s Zoog Von Rock

Angelspit have been kicking out jams from the realm of cyberpunk and pretty-much-every-category-of industrial for more than a decade now… They’ve also been putting on a plethora of insane...

Angelspit have been kicking out jams from the realm of cyberpunk and pretty-much-every-category-of industrial for more than a decade now… They’ve also been putting on a plethora of insane live anti-spectacles to accompany each of their releases… However, this past year or so they’ve undergone some major changes and are apparently enjoying the spoils of their decisions.  Founded as a duo comprised of Zoog Von Rock and Destroyx/Amelia Arsenic, they went on to have a full “rock band” for their live show and occasionally for studio recordings.  However, they’re back to duo status, although this time Zoog’s musical other half is guitarist George Bikos, who has played with the band in varying capacities since 2008.  Last year Angelspit released their fifth studio album, The Product.  The album’s thirteen tracks will make you want to fuck shit up both on the dance floor and in your own respective oppressive local communities in general.  Tonight Angelspit kick off a tour with dear friends and collaborators The Gothsicles and this Friday, May 22nd, they’ll be playing the Trocadero.  Earlier this week I got a chance to chat with Zoog Von Rock about the latest chapter of Angelspit.

Izzy Cihak:  Not to start with an enormous question, but Angelspit has been around for a little more than a decade now: What have been the highlights of the band?  You’ve put out a lot of really great records and taken part in a lot of really cool tours.

Zoog Von Rock: The last year has been our best. Angelspit’s most recent album, The Product, has received the best reviews of any album. My psychotic streak for evil music has been re-ignited.

Izzy: Angelspit has been through a number of transformations, especially in the past couple years.  You’re going to playing Philadelphia later this week.  What can be expected of the live experience this time around?

Zoog: Angelspit’s live show has been everything from a 2 piece to a 6 piece. I always like to do something completely different for each tour. This current tour is an opportunity for me to try something totally newerent. Half the songs I will be performing have never been done live. Completely new light show and projections. I am joined by one of Chicago’s top DJs, Matt Slegel. Matt will be playing lights and projections live – It’s crazy!

Izzy: What would you currently consider to be your most significant influences, whether from the world of music, other art forms, or just cultural or everyday happenings?

Zoog: I am inspired by the people I talk to and the situations I get in. Lyrics are very important to me – they need to mean something. Musically, I mostly listen to funk (Stevie Wonder, P-Funk, Bootsy Collins), and ‘60s/’70s rock (Bowie, Beatles, Pink Floyd), and ‘90s grunge. I love music that is driven by passion, not technology. Technology is a lover, not a master.

Izzy: On a related note, are there any contemporary musical artists that you think are doing especially interesting or inspiring things, whether they are doing things in any way similar to the music that you make?

Zoog: I love to help new bands get heard! Check out: Chant, Baal, Temple Of Fools, GirlFlesh, Beatdrop, Dirt, DJ Addambombb, Avarice In Audio, Soulcyber, Dirty Bass Score, Spermblaster, and Flesh Eating Foundation. These bands will blow your mind!

Izzy: How did your recent Hardcore Pong project, whose debut is slated for September, initially come about?  Your fans seems to be quite into it.

Zoog: Hardcore Pong started out as Brian (the Gothsicles) and I making videos, but we decided to start making music…and the results are awesome. Hardcore Pong is fun and beat driven – it’s really fun working with Brian. We will be doing a Hardcore Pong track on tour – this will ROCK!

Izzy: Finally, what are you currently most focused on and what’s planned for after this upcoming tour wraps?

Zoog: 2015 is a big year for Angelspit. We are extensively touring the USA, plus releasing Hardcore Pong with The Gothsicles, and working on the next Angelspit album – which is due for release 2016.



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