“I started thinking about releasing my music for free a few years ago. Only recently have I had the courage to actually do it. To be honest, I am not really sure if its a good idea. But I do think that in the end, more people will hear my music than they would if I had a label press copies and release it. I just try and not spend money on this project. If I don’t spend money, I can’t loose money, which is what 99% of musicians end up doing (and what I have done in the past). The times of record sales supporting an artist are long gone. Most of the people that make money off of record sales are non artists. Songs have become marketing materials, so that’s what I am letting them be.” -Michael Kiley, TM&TM

Above is an excerpt from an interview Louisa Engle did with The Mural And The Mint, over on my other blog Ugh News, back in November of 2007. Since then TM&TM has released their first full length record, Private Pockets, free to download on their website HERE, and it’s fucking amazing. Louisa said it best…

“Sometimes you stumble upon something that restores your faith in an angry city. Restores your faith in strangers and ideals. Not in a cheesy way, just a nice refreshing way. The Mural And The Mint did that for me. Michael Kiley is doing something different with his free music project. As he put it, “Free music isn’t an original idea”, however how many people do you know who are making and giving away full albums without the goal of eventually turning a personal profit?” 

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TTLY, Conrad