Anna Nelson has recently left behind her singer/songwriter roots for a musical world of fantastical whimsy.  In 2012 Nelson teamed up with writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Toy for Moxi, a band that makes songs that often resemble postmodern, electronic fairy tales.  With the help of producer Bobby Hartry, the duo put together In My Dreams, their six song debut EP, which is due this Tuesday, February 12th, on CatBeach Music.  I recently got a chance to talk to Anna about her new sounds, her new persona, and just what inspires her.

Moxi photo 2

Izzy Cihak: You briefly worked as a solo artist before teaming with Andy Toy for this project.  How would you characterize the sound of your solo work, compared to that of “Moxi?”  What can be expected of the In My Dreams EP?

Anna Nelson: My solo work was more folk-inspired because I wrote all the songs on my acoustic guitar.  I was influenced heavily by singer/songwriters like Damien Rice and Angus and Julia Stone, and my solo music was a really good experience for me because it helped shape me as an artist and discover what kind of music I wanted to make in the future.  When I met and started-writing-with Andy, I felt like all the pieces fell into place and I had found my unique sound.  We finished writing In My Dreams with our friend, Bob Hartry, a great writer and producer, and released our EP through his label, CatBeach.  You can expect something fabulous with In My Dreams.  It’s full of dreamy pop songs with catchy melodies and each track is unique and special.  I’m so proud of this record and I think that the music is really accessible and appealing to everyone.

IC: What do you consider to currently be your biggest inspirations, whether musical, artistic, or otherwise?

AN: Life inspires me. I’m inspired by relationships, people in my life, the world, my cat… I write a lot about real situations in my life and things I’ve been through and am going through.  I also draw a lot of inspiration from traveling and experiencing the world in new ways.  On the music side, I’ve always drawn inspiration from Damien Rice, Feist, Ryan Adams, and, more recently, Kimbra, Kathleen Edwards, and HAIM.

IC: I know for musicians it’s supposed to be “all about the music,” but your fashion sense definitely rocks.  Is your fashion inspired by anything in particular?

AN: I’m very girly and feminine, so I draw a lot of my fashion inspiration from that. I love dresses, anything that poofs, sparkles, and color! I love vintage looks, but I try to mix in modern trends in as well.

IC: What are your plans and goals for 2013?  Is a full-length in the works?  Any possibility of a tour?  If so, what can be expected of the live experience?

AN: We are taking it as it comes this year, but are ready for anything! We would love to go on tour! We are just waiting for Kimbra or Foster the People to ask us… Pretty much Moxi is going for it this year so 2013 should watch out!