On Sunday night, Union Transfer became a magical land packed full of tigers (with the exception of one llama)… well, according to one mystery man in a cape. Sound strange? Maybe. But for those who were in attendance for of Montreal’s concert… completely normal.

As much as the night was about the music, it was almost outshined by a number of spectacles including masked angels with overbearing wings, gas-masked dancers in onesies, a wedding party, two poodle-wolf-like creatures boxing in American flag tights, and an Abraham Lincoln Spiderman. More notably were the poodles sensually removing their clothes to expose massive inflatable boobs.

But back to the music… of Montreal put on a two-hour set that included tracks from their recent release, Aureate Gloom; as well as hits from their vast discography. Of Montreal sounded impeccable, imploding the venue with energy as the crowd sang along and wildly danced to the music.

Bizarre, beautiful, psychedelic… these are just a few of the words that could describe Sunday night. While of Montreal can easily let their music speak for itself, they continue to make it better turning their show into an all-out production that can’t be missed.

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