Lucy Rose’s Warmed-Heart

The lovely Lucy Rose has been a darling of London’s indie-folk scene for a while now… But, more recently, she’s been winning over the Yanks as well.  Her 5-song...

The lovely Lucy Rose has been a darling of London’s indie-folk scene for a while now… But, more recently, she’s been winning over the Yanks as well.  Her 5-song Middle of the Bed EP was released stateside earlier this year (Her debut LP, Like I Used To, dropped in the UK last year.) and she’s spent much of March and a bit of April touring this side of the pond (including a handful of SXSW dates).  Rose’s voice is the definition of “whimsically soothing,” but she seems to like to punctuate her sound with epic bursts of acoustic melodrama, giving her tunes a pop appeal, beyond fans of traditional folk.  I recently got a chance to catch up with the 23-year-old songstress about her US debut and what America can expect of her infectiously endearing craft.

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Izzy Cihak: You just wrapped a number of US shows, including some SXSW dates.  What were the highlights?  Any particularly memorable experiences or venues?

Lucy Rose: The whole thing was a massive highlight for me! It’s one of the best times I’ve ever had. SXSW was crazy and amazing and it was so heart-warming when people turned up to my shows. All the shows were so different, but I enjoyed all of them so much. New York was especially fun. I couldn’t believe that it was sold out and then I decided to drive across America, on my own, doing solo shows, so that was pretty epic.

IC: How would you characterize your take on live performances?  What does it draw inspiration from?

LR: Every show is so different, but the main thing that I feed off is the crowd. That’s what makes the show. Seeing people getting involved in the songs like I am and seeing that they mean something to them as well.

IC: Your latest EP gained quite a bit of critical praise.  Was there any critical characterization you were especially fond of?  How would you describe the release?

LR: I must admit that I don’t read anything that anyone writes about me. I heard that it can drive you crazy if you do, so I’m staying clear. But that’s nice to hear. I would describe the release as a relief that I was finally getting some of my music released in America. I tell you what, it’s not easy!


IC: The EP was produced by Charlie Hugall, who has done some very noteworthy work in recent years.  Do you have any particular favorite productions of his?

LR: I love everything that Charlie has worked on. He’s so talented and one of my best friends. It was amazing to be able to work with him and his belief in my music really helped me.

IC: What are your biggest influences and inspirations, whether musical or otherwise?

LR: I suppose my biggest influence has to be other music. Music can really make you feel something and completely change your mood, at the same time. When I hear music that does that, it makes me want to go home and write something that will do that to someone else. Other than that, I’m sure films and books filter into my music in some way but, in all honesty, the things I write about are mainly personal.

IC: What are your most significant hopes and goals for the rest of 2013?

LR: Gosh, well I suppose I’d love to carry on touring as much as possible and, fingers-crossed, come back to America again and soon! To get my album out in America would be a real achievement.  Word on the street is that it might be out around July… but who knows?!

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