Louise Post on Writing Solo, Bonding with Fans, and 21st Century Pop (7/13 at The Foundry)

The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection will always have an extra special place in its gritty little heart for Louise Post, who managed to namedrop us in...

The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection will always have an extra special place in its gritty little heart for Louise Post, who managed to namedrop us in a song about the breakup of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey…  on top of everything else she did throughout three decades as guitarist, vocalist, and sole constant member of alt-rock icons Veruca Salt.  So, we’re thrilled to have her returning for her first-ever 215 solo show tomorrow night (7/13) at The Foundry at The Fillmore.  Post is in the middle of the second leg of a tour behind her first solo record, Sleepwalker, which dropped last month on El Camino Media, although during a recent chat about her first solo album and tour, she tells me that she has a ton of additional music already in the works.

Izzy Cihak: First of all, I just have to ask your thoughts on Philadelphia.  You’ve played here a ton of times over the years, and even mention us in one of your most famous songs.  Any favorite memories?

Louise Post: I love playing in Philly.  The fans are incredible and so loyal, the energy is exciting, and the shows are always off the hook.  You guys know how to rock.  My favorite memory of all the concerts I have had there is Veruca Salt at the Electric Factory in 1997 when my best friend Jo came on stage with us and danced barefoot in a bra and fringed underwear during “Shimmer Like a Girl” in the encore.

Izzy: You recently released Sleepwalker, your solo debut.  How do you feel like this music compares to the music you write with Veruca Salt?  I know you’ve said you feel like it’s more personal, but do you feel like your approach to writing music, or the sounds that you’re most interested in making, have changed significantly since Ghost Notes?

Louise: Did I say that?  Because in fact, every note and every lyric of every song I’ve ever written or co-written in Veruca Salt is deeply personal.  I don’t think I actually know how to depersonalize my writing, because that is just the nature of it for me, the reason behind artistic expression itself.  The difference now would be that I am not writing as two people, but as one.  I’m also not as interested in bombastic rock on this album, and I have been really drawn to certain pop artists lately.  I love a well-crafted song, and that’s what I set out to accomplish.  I have had fun with incorporating different instruments, like synths, piano, harp, strings and trumpet solos!!  (That last part was inspired by Sufjan Stevens.)

Izzy: Have you had any favorite reactions to the new music, whether things that have been written about it, or just things that fans have told you?

Louise: Yes!  So many!  I wish I had them all in front of me to share with you, but there have been so many lovely notes from fans who adore Sleepwalker and even feel like it’s the best work I’ve ever done.  I especially love it when young women tell me that they (their generation) need me and to please keep touring and releasing music, because it’s that important to them.  I have teenage girls rocking out in the front row, crying, and singing along to every single song.  It’s so touching.

Izzy: You recently released a really cool music video for “Guilty,” which reminds me of kind of an update on the golden age of music videos in the ‘90s, which you were very much a part of.  How did the concept for the video come about?

Louise: Thank you!  The visuals just came to me as easily as the song did.  All of the shots were crystal clear in my head, and it was a matter of finding a talented director who could help me enhance and realize the concept.  I found my partner in a talented artist named Meeno.  It was meant to point out the guilt we all carry around with us, and how pointless it all ultimately is.  Coming clean is much better.  Therein lies the levity.  It’s supposed to begin in conflict and end as one big party.  I have always loved making music videos.  It’s really profoundly fun to see a particular personal vision through to fruition.

Izzy: I’ve heard that you’re a big fan of contemporary artists like Billie Eilish, Post Malone, and Imagine Dragons, so I’m curious if there are any other recent artists that you’re a big fan of that you think might surprise your Gen-X fans, or possibly that you might just think they should check out, themselves?

Louise: Well, I adore Finneas.  I think he is one of the great songwriters/producers/performers of our time.  I am a huge fan of Wet Leg and am really excited about Momma’s recent success.  I also champion and adore Skating Polly.  I think This is the Kit is amazing, I love Allen Epley’s (Shiner, The Life and Times) new solo album, Damian Jurado, Yellow Ostrich, and I have finally come around to Taylor Swift in a big way on this last record.  And, of course, Reaver by The Brontosaur is a rock masterpiece.

Izzy: What can be expected of the live show on this trek, whether relating to the setlist, live band, production, or just general vibe of the night?

Louise: We are on the second leg of our North American tour right now, and the shows have been fantastic.  I have an excellent band of killer musicians and people who are a blast to tour with, Sleepwalker producer Matt Drenik (Battle Me) and Nicole Fiorentino (Veruca Salt, Smashing Pumpkins) included.  The shows are a mix of Sleepwalker and all different eras of Veruca Salt.

Izzy: I feel like venues these days seem to be a little more varied than they were during the majority of the time Veruca Salt was touring, but I noticed that you’re pretty much exclusively playing classic “rock clubs” on this tour.  Is that your favorite setting to play?  I feel like a lot of venues these days have a sort of sterile feel to them, which I’m not a fan of.

Louise: We are playing at the venues which seem most appropriate to this particular tour—in terms of capacity and audience.  We basically go where the love is.

Izzy: I saw that you’re offering fans VIP packages on these upcoming dates, with a number of additional perks.  How did that idea come about?  Was it something fans had been asking for?

Louise: It has become common practice for bands to offer a unique VIP experience for fans who want to spend a little more intimate time with the artist.  It offers a way for fans to meet their favorite artists while supporting them at the same time.  I personally have spent many late and long hours in dark alleys with throngs of strangers in the past.  While that’s been fun and meaningful, in modern day, this is a more civilized and organized way to hang with fans.

Izzy: You’re playing these dates with The Dumes, who I really dig, too.  How did you get hooked up with them?  And is there anything you’d tell your fans to get them to show up a little bit early to catch their set?

Louise: I love The Dumes!  They are a great bunch of people and have such a powerful, fun live show.  Elodie and I have been co-writing in LA and we create really well together.  She is an incredibly charismatic performer and has an amazing voice.  I would definitely get there at 8 to see them!

Izzy: Finally, what’s next for you?  Are you planning on releasing more solo music (Possibly reworkings or reimaginings of the songs that didn’t quite make Sleepwalker?), or is there something else that you’re planning for the near future?

Louise: I already have an EP in the works to follow-up Sleepwalker.  Beyond that, I have many more albums in me, plus a side project called Veyls which will get its own debut.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear more from Veruca Salt as well.  Fans have a lot in store for them, because I am just getting started.

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