Lily & Madeleine photo 1

If you’ve been monitoring Philthy recently, you’ll know that we really appreciate the “blood harmony” provided by a good sister act (The Staves, Haim, First Aid Kit).  Well, there’s a new group of sisters we’re currently getting excited about, the Jurkiewicz’s, AKA Lily & Madeleine.  The teenage sisters, who made a name for themselves via quite a few cool black and white music videos on YouTube, hail from Indianapolis and play a brand of folk that is peppered with vintage pop that is quite delectable, yet seemingly profound in some way.  Earlier this month they released a 10-song EP, Weight of the Globe, on Asthmatic Kitty and last Wednesday they powered through a delightfully minimalistic and intimately personal 14-song/45-minute set at World Café Live   I got a chance to catch up with the girls before the show (in the green room without working lights or light fixtures).  The sisters, who actually come across as far more elegant and wise than their years would suggest, are quite endearing, speaking sentences as an improvised tag-team.


When I ask what have been the highlights of their career (which is only about a year old) thus far, they tells me that playing their songs on the road has been the most liberating experience.  “This tour has definitely been the biggest highlight,” Madeleine tells me, while Lily chimes in, “This is the first time we’ve played outside Indiana.  We played New York last night at Joe’s Pub, this huge room… That was kind of nerve-racking…”  Although there’s not a full-scale tour booked at the moment, the duo do have dates in Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin scheduled through July and they seem to be quite excited to be out on the road.  They tell me they’re currently most excited about, “Recording a full-length in the summer, which should be out by fall,” as Lily adds, “Hopefully a lot more touring.  I’m really excited about touring.”  I’m a bit proud to hear that I’m the first person to ask the sisters about their biggest non-musical influences and Lily tells me, “I really love travelling,” and Madeleine agrees, “Yeah, travelling is probably the biggest influence.”  Madeleine also adds, “Tina Fey is like my hero.  I mean, I just love all those female comedians,” before the two go on to gush about all of the comedic heroines that they dig so much, “… Although I’m not really sure how much that affects our music…” admits Lily.