Jon Crary’s Weekly Sound Off: March 31-April 6

1. Little Daylight – “Siren Call” – I just stumbled across this very cool indie rock band from Brooklyn while I was travelling. This has a killer shimmering guitar line, a really nice catchy hook and chorus with bright choppy synths through it. This is my big pick of the week.

2. HABITATS – “Diamond Days” – This is a high energy bright track with creative fun surf guitar licks, great drum beats and great vocals. This track comes up at the number #2 slot!

3. Ex Hex “Hot and Cold” (Merge) – One listen and you’ll know. This is one of the hottest songs. It’s simple guitar, bass and drum work and  retro feel make it sound familiar and catchy like crazy. This one is on repeat for me.

4. Cate Le Bon – “Sisters” (Wichita / Turnstile) – This awesome new single from the epic album “Mug Museum”. Her beautiful guitar oriented, quirky delivery is apparent on this new single. The raw guitar and eerie keyboard give it a haunting feel. This is a great song!


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Jon Crary is an avid music fan. Jon's roots are the late 70’s punk and the new wave scene, but his influences are early 70’s glam- Roxy Music and David Bowie. His tastes evolved in the 80’s to include his influences’ copiers – Japan, Duran Duran and New Order. He hosted a radio program where Echo and the Bunnymen and the Smiths were staples. Now, their legacy is well documented. Many people think he has great taste in music, and he actually has a good record collection. He is also a semi-musician having played the bass guitar in a French garage rock band. Now, you will see him enjoying the new music of this and the last decade…thanks to Interpol “Turn on the Bright Lights” album for which he will forever be grateful for revitalizing music for the new generation and old.