The last time Philthy saw Jesca Hoop was from the mega-stage of Union Transfer (surrounded by an overwhelming onslaught of lamps), when she and Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) put on an epic, two-hour set comprised of their respective histories, in addition to the songs they collaboratively composed for last year’s Love Letter for Fire.  Although it was quite moving to see the two extra-“legit” songwriters weave together a folk spectacle from such a stage, a greater intimacy would seem to lend itself to Ms. Hoop’s sounds, which have historically seemed just as indebted to gospel, chamber pop, and early forms of Rock’N’Roll as they are Americana.  Last month saw the release of Memories Are Now, Hoop’s first solo album on Sub Pop, first solo album made outside of Zeitgeist Studios, and most critically renowned work to date.  The album was produced by fellow Zeitgeist Studios alum, ingenious Fiona Apple collaborator, and guitar virtuoso Blake Mills.  The album would seem to be Hoop’s twangiest, wisest, and most stripped effort yet, positing the songstress as a postmodern folk philosopher of sorts. Well, this Sunday, March 5th, Jesca Hoop will be headlining our charmingly cozy, 150-capacity, former honky-tonk, and perfect-setting-for-her-latest-sounds, Boot & Saddle. Hoop will also be supported by our good buddy, Brooke Annibale.  Read our September 2015 chat with Annibale here and check out Hoop’s recent video for the title track of her latest album below.