Rodrigo Amarante, of Los Hermanos, Orquestra Imperial, and Little Joy is currently on a US tour and will be playing a very intimate gig this Tuesday, July 1st, upstairs at World Café Live.  However, it’s opening act Jenny O., that I’m most excited about. The indie pop singer/songwriter churns out a kind of sun-kissed Americana that appears to have no definitive boundaries, occasionally bordering on southern rock, twee, and even dream pop… She would seem to encompass the entire gamut of her influences, without ever sounding “affected.”  Her debut LP, Automechanic, came out in February of 2013 and she’s spent a good portion of the time since then playing the record live.  We recently got a chance to chat, but she proved to be a woman of few words, letting her work speak for itself.  She confessed that she felt uncomfortable citing any one influence, as they are constantly changing… although she admits that John Lennon is always there… and that it would be really cool if her music wound up in a Wes Anderson film one day… Oh, and that there is a new album on the way.