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Although Vanishing Life are about to embark on their very first tour, I would hope that PHILTHY readers are familiar with a few of the band’s parts.  The punk...

Although Vanishing Life are about to embark on their very first tour, I would hope that PHILTHY readers are familiar with a few of the band’s parts.  The punk outfit are a supergroup of sorts, comprised of Walter Schreifels, of Quicksand and Gorilla Biscuits; Autry Fulbright of …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead; Jamie Miller, also of …TOD, in addition to Snot, theSTART, and Bad Religion; and Rise Against’s Zach Blair.  Although they initially came together in 2013, the band is yet to officially put out an album or tour.  Vanishing Life are set to release their debut album, Surveillance, on November 11th, courtesy of Dine Alone Records.  The album would seem to blend Refused’s brand of  hardcore punk with the metallic take on grunge of early Stone Temple Pilots, as heavy-hitting as it is anthemic.  Vanishing Life kick off their tour on November 11th at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster and will be at our very own Boot & Saddle on Monday, November 14th. I recently got a chance to chat with Autry Fulbright about the band’s roots and their plans for the future.

Izzy Cihak: First of all, since this is a Philadelphia-based publication, I have to ask your thoughts on the city.  Any favorite memories or experiences in Philly, or Philthy? You’ve each played here a number of times.

Autry Fulbright: Trail of Dead played the Unitarian Church with Surfer Blood several years back and we had a great time there. I recall having some really great tacos in Philadelphia as well, which was surprising considering I’m a native Californian with a discriminating taste for Mexican food.

Izzy: I know that this project first came about at the Groezrock Festival in 2013, but what is it that brought you all together?  What was the goal or purpose behind Vanishing Life?

Autry: This was around the time of the socio-politically charged, hardcore-inspired Trail of Dead album Lost Songs and I really wanted to continue a new project in that same vein. I had an idea to do a hardcore/punk record with people I admired and everyone that I wanted to play with happened to be playing Groezrock on the same day.

Izzy: What are some of the highlights of the band so far?

Autry: The highlight for me is the fact that an often conceptualized idea actually has come to fruition. Bands talk about forming projects like these all the time, but very rarely do they end up happening, much less making an LP or touring. So far the feedback has been positive and we’re excited to make this a real band more and more as time progresses.

Izzy: Your debut album, Surveillance, hits shelves soon.  What would you tell fans of your various other projects who may be yet to hear the band to expect?  Or do you want them to come about it on their own?

Autry: I think there’s clear traces of our previous work with our respective bands in the music, but the band sounds distinctly like itself and I believe each listener can find something they like, if they’ve appreciated our other various records and projects.

Izzy: What can be expected of the band’s live show when you play Boot & Saddle?  I’m guessing most of us have seen some of you in your various other bands, but this’ll be our first experience with Vanishing Life.

Autry: I guess we’ll just have to see! This is our first tour, so we’ll be experiencing it right with the audience.

Izzy: Not to detract from your own work but, as we’re getting toward the end of the year, I’m inclined to ask if there have been any albums released this year or performances that you’ve gotten to see, which you found to be especially cool or inspiring?  Any favorite music of 2016, off the top of your head?

Autry: As far as new-ish music period, I’ve been really into Beak, The Oscillation, Culture Abuse, and H09909.

Izzy: Finally, what’s next for Vanishing Life?  Can we expect more music and live shows in the future, or are you just playing it by ear at this point?

Autry: We already have some demos for another record and we have some more touring plans. This is just the beginning.

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