I honestly don’t know where to start with this review. Not because it was bad, it was fucking amazing. But it was so good I’m almost at a loss for words.

Dan Deacon shows are somewhat expected – a good, sweaty, fun-filled time, with crowd dance competitions and weird costumes. However, every show exceeds the previous, and the same held true Friday night as we all gathered to worship Dan Deacon at the First Unitarian Church.

While excitement filled the small basement as Dan Deacon took the stage; attention quickly turned to an adorable boy standing in the front of the room. Dan wasted no time inviting the boy, named Charlie, to the stage, while promising to keep his swearing to a minimum. During the beginning of the set, Charlie took to the stage to show off his dance moves. I’m sure he’s currently trending on Instagram and his Mom is getting props for being the coolest Mom in Philadelphia.

Dan Deacon blew the basement away playing tracks off Gliss Riffer. In typical fashion, he commanded the crowd to place their hands on the head of the person next to them, transferring memories into each other’s brains. Shortly after, the sold out crowd was instructed to split into two sides, so the dance-off could begin. Starting with two fans, the dance-off quickly erupted into a basement full of wildly dancing people as Dan tore through ‘Sheathed Wings.’

The room began to feel like a sauna… no exaggeration; my camera lens repeatedly fogged up. This made taking pictures extremely difficult, along with my desire to join the crowd and dance.

A collective sadness filled the room when Dan announced it was time for the last song of the night, as him and his crew needed to hit the road for D.C. Before diving into ‘Feel The Lightning,’ we learned that tour bus beds are basically hell. We all then danced our asses off one last time.

Dan Deacon puts on one of the most riveting live performances – it’s quirky but brilliant. In between the music, it’s moments of satirical wisdom and strange tangents. Pulsating bass and infectious beats make it impossible to stand still. Simply put, he’s one hell of a performer.

However, there’s one thing Dan Deacon thinks he’s lacking…

“Maybe if I told better jokes I would have gotten a 7.3 on Pitchfork.” Maybe, but in the eyes of Philadelphia, you will forever have a 10 in our book.

You can also catch Erika’s interview with Dan Deacon earlier this week here.

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Photos by Erika Reinsel