I can’t express how distraught I am that Morrissey’s first Philadelphia appearance in three years, scheduled for April 6th at the Tower Theater, was cancelled.  However, that distress is at least a bit tempered by the fact that who-I-would-like-to-consider-Steven-Patrick’s “life partner,” (existentially, at least) Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, is going to be in town for his first solo show in ten years.  This Tuesday, April 30th, Smiths, Electronic, Modest Mouse, and The Cribs’ guitarist Johnny Marr will be playing the Trocadero Theatre, supporting his The Messenger, released earlier this year (Although I’ve heard that he’s been playing some Smiths and Electronic stuff as well.)

Meredith Sheldon photo 1

In addition to the fantastic Mr. Marr, the evening will be opened by Alamar, a brilliant and reclusive solo musician who I am dying to become at least slightly more familiar with. [I was told she’s not currently doing interviews and her “bio” is, “Meredith Sheldon (born Berkeley, CA, October 20, 1988) is a musician from Massachusetts. She is not on facebook & she is not on twitter.” A Google image search reveals a plethora of non-pro shots of fashionably cold looking girl, draped in black, lurking in the shadows of stage lights.]  She is a former member of indie folk outfit Family of the Year, but I’m not sure of much else.  However,  Alamar does have a six-song EP, released last February.  At times I would describe her sound as whimsically postmodern folk, something between Americana and ethereal wave… but with a slight R&B flair… at others she sounds more along the lines of synth pop for a sunny summer afternoon… So I’m not entirely sure what you can expect of her live set this Tuesday, but check out this performance of “Can’t Explain” and make it a point to get to Mr. Marr’s gig a little early.  She goes on at 8pm sharp.

Black & White photo by Chris Boland (www.bolandactorheadshots.co.uk)

[youtube http://youtu.be/P3lA3w8Jm_M]