“We’re like Bob Dylan playing the theme song to Roseanne.”

Hutch’s statement held partially true, as Kathy did actually play the Roseanne theme on Tuesday night. However, Hutch and Kathy are much more than that. Taking a break from their punk aesthetic with The Thermals, the duo stripped down to play Boot & Saddle in support of the recently re-released 2002 LP, Hutch and Kathy.

Kicking off the night with ‘In Brilliance,’ which I consider one of their best tracks, Hutch and Kathy also played through other songs off the LP as the crowd excitably sang along. Much to the packed venue’s delight, Hutch and Kathy also put a new spin on a few Thermals songs, and even covered Green Day’s ‘Words I Might Have Ate.’

While the night was hugely about the music, it was hard not to become immersed by the interaction between Hutch and Kathy. Constantly smiling at each other as they played and joking back and forth with the crowd, the night began to feel as if it were a group of friends hanging out and jamming together in someone’s living room.

Even the drunk guy in the crowd couldn’t wipe the smile off Hutch and Kathy’s faces. (and thank you, drunk guy. You were entertaining and we’ll all be at your house to party soon).

As the night winded down, Hutch told the crowd “I don’t even know why we have songs.”

I think we can all collectively say Hutch and Kathy make some of the best music and always put on a great show, so guys, you should continue to have songs. Plus, any band that sings the Fresh Prince theme song will always have the hearts of those here in Philthy.

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