[Photos used with permission. Copyright 2009 Ray Skwire]

This issue couldn’t be more in my face right now. As most of you know, I was hit pretty badly by a van in May while biking at 6th and Spring Garden. I broke my leg in 3 places. Spent 4 days in the hospital. And had a metal rod inserted in my leg to hold it all together. I had no health insurance at the time. And the accident kept me off my feet for nearly 3 months. 

I still remember the first time they told me my bill would be over 100K. Yeah, 100K. Seriously.

I applied for state help, obviously. But the few weeks it took for them to make a decision whether or not to approve me were spend facing a lot of very serious questions. Like, would I be able to afford any follow up treatment? Would I have to forget any (very, very necessary) physical therapy options? Would I be in debt for the rest of my life? Never having good enough credit to buy a house, a car, or to go back to school if I wanted to… I was going crazy.

Luckily, I was approved! And now I have health care. It’s weird. I haven’t seen a doctor since high school. Now, I can see a doctor when ever I want. I can go to physical therapy. I could get the Swine Flu vaccine, if I didn’t think it was a government conspiracy to control thought. (I mean seriously though, you all created a vaccine in 6 months? Really?!)

Lessons learned?… Stop winning in protests for Health Care. Just get off your ass and get hit by a car badly enough for the state to have to step in… Worked for me!

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TTLY, Conrad