Brooklyn’s Beverly are another one of those delightful indie pop outfits comprised of people who have already been in bands that we already like. At their core was songwriter Drew Citron of Avan Lava and Frankie Rose, formerly of Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts, and Vivian Girls. However, Frankie recently relocated to SoCal, so the band is currently rounded out by drummer Jamie Ingalls and bassist Scott Rosenthal. And while Frankie’s contributions as a vocalist and drummer present the charming, morbid quirk we have come to love about her, the project is really that of Citron. Earlier this summer Beverly released their debut LP, Careers, on Kanine and they are about to kick off a tour, starting with a date at our very own Boot & Saddle on August 12th. The sound of Beverly is very fuzzy, very alt sunshiney, very shoegazey, very Kim-Dealy, pretty much everything we loved about the 1990s. According to an article in Rolling Stone, Citron claims that the concept behind the band was the idea of a snotty teen who drags on butts in a convenience store parking lot and starts shit with their peers. It’s pretty rad… but don’t tell Eric Bogosian about it… I’m pretty sure he can afford better lawyers than they can.