Haim: Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Parenthood, and Disneyland

“I love Heart.  Heart is like the ultimate sister babes… This new band, Bleach.  I’m a huge fan of theirs… The Staves.  They’re awesome… The Jackson 5.  Oh my...

“I love Heart.  Heart is like the ultimate sister babes… This new band, Bleach.  I’m a huge fan of theirs… The Staves.  They’re awesome… The Jackson 5.  Oh my god, the Jackson 5 are the shit,” proclaims Alana Haim.  I have just asked her to reflect on her own, personal favorite sibling bands of musical history, as she shares her own band, Haim, with sisters Este and Danielle (along with drummer Dash Hutton).  The sisters have made quite a splash recently.  They’ve shared stages with the likes of Edward Sharpe, Florence and the Machine, and Ke$ha.  The BBC awarded them the title of “most promising musical act of 2013.”  And they’re currently on tour with Mumford & Sons and will be making two area appearances, this Saturday (2/16) and Sunday (2/17), at the Susquehanna Bank Center (For those that have given up trying to keep up with corporate branding… and re-branding… and re-branding, “That shed venue in Camden.”)

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Apparently the sisters Haim and the English lads of indie folk megastars Mumford & Sons have become quite comfortable troublemakers together.  This is not the two bands’ first time on the road together and Alana goes so far as to consider the blokes to be family.

“They’re the most amazing people I’ve ever met.  They’re like brothers.  We’ve literally almost died with them numerous times, lighting off fireworks in the middle of the night with no fire marshal or fire extinguisher nearby.  It’s an amazing thing to be a part of.  I’m obsessed with them.  I call them my brothers.”

Part of the reputation Haim has gained is for their seemingly eclectic collection influences, most prominently “classic rock,” folk, and 90s R&B.  However, as brilliant as this amalgamation would seem to be, Alana explains that it is far more organic and far less calculated than you might assume.

“We were in a band with our parents and we only played cover songs…We grew up with such a crazy mash-up of music.  Our parents never wanted us to listen to ‘top 40’ radio growing up.  We listened to Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan… But when we went over to our friends’ houses, we could hear ‘top 40’ stuff… Destiny’s Child was the first record I bought.  I remember buying The Writing’s on the Wall at Tower Records.  They were like my Beatles… But our sound, it’s not like an intentional thing.  What comes out of us is just what we grew up with.”

As for what to expect from Haim in 2013, they do have an album coming out but, in their eyes, that’s more of a relief.  What they’re really excited for is more time on the road.

“Our record is going to come out in Spring, really soon. We plan on touring a lot.  We consider ourselves to be a live band.  We hate being in the studio more than anything, but you get instant gratification being onstage.”

And finally, for Alycia Marie, who contacted me via Twitter to request me to ask the lovely Alana what is her favorite Disneyland ride or attraction (And my oldest friend, Allie, who has her very own Disneyland obsession.)

“Oh my god, oh my god, I just went to Disneyland like three days ago.  I would have to say that my favorite attraction is the Tiki Room.  It’s original.  It’s like the only thing that hasn’t changed since Disneyland opened.  They haven’t added like, weird holographic animals.  I mean, the new stuff is great, but I always have to go to the Tiki Room.”

*My dear friend, Allie, confirmed about the Tiki Room, “It’s fun and charming because half of it is broken… There are parrot robots that sing to you and have sassy dialogues.”

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