What is GFM? For those of you who do not know what GFM is; it is the Get Free Movement (http://www.getfreemovement.org).  GFM is a collective of artist involved in the hip hop community.  GFM members are Tim Blackwell, Jeffrey Carroll, Damas Clay, Langston Clement (DJ Fox Boogie), Dante Lundy, and Jami Gaines.  They bring back what is missing from the hip hop  culture today and what has been missing from Philadelphia.  When I first moved here I was going to clubs and underground joints that show cased the raw side of hip hop, the graffiti, style, b boys and b girls, and the whole movement itself was exposed but not how you see it through a video today. GFM is preserving what hip hop was; down to the rawness.

The GFM has a monthly at The Attic at Tattooed Moms. I walked into this not knowing what to expect and I was completely blown away. It felt liked I stepped back to a time where the scene had a welcoming feeling. It was nice that everyone is welcomed with open arms.  The backroom of Tattooed Moms is a small space when the bumper cars are in the way but that didn’t stop anyone from dancing. It got packed as the hours passed and the music was live all night. The last few hours of the party brought out guest DJ Apple Juce and Case Bloom.  Along with the guest DJ’s they had some MC’s  spitting out the craziest stuff. I was blown away when they had the homeless man step to the mic. He could step to anyone with his words and slam them down. The MC’s of the night were; Damas Clay, SKS,  Akp Fobia, Amir Ayres, and David Martin.

GFM is having their two year anniversary March 3, 2011 and we can be sure they are bringing out the heavy hitters for this one. For more information you can check GFM out at http://www.getfreemovement.org and also on facebook and twitter.