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Hey y’all, just a quick little update before you read this post: I’m happy to announce a little addition to Philthy Blog :). Yes, another blogger… Welcome, Ms. Andrea McGinty!!

Andrea helped me out a lot with my F1rst Friday November post, and going forward she’s going to use her talents and expertise to help us explore the art world in Philly in much more depth. I’m SOOOO excited. This Spring and Summer’s F1rst Friday videos/posts are going to be like nothing Philly’s seen yet. Well, what are we waiting for? GO ON GIRL…

Why haven’t I seen this before? What more perfect art show is there for a coffee shop gallery than that of the handmade mug? This month’s exhibit in the Rocket Cat Cafe is just that. The work of 18 artists are hung simply and attractively on the walls. A pair of thin shelves made from unfinished wood run along the back wall of the cafe. Handmade mugs of all sorts, from the purposefully wonky to the sleek and graphic, adorn the shelves. Priced around $20 to $30 each, the mugs make for a thoughtful gift or reasonable indulgence for the lover of artful craftsmanship. Kitchy, illustrative, sculptural, and designy, there is a mug for (please, please excuse the pun) every cup of tea. The flier even boasts a free cup of coffee with every purchase. The opening reception is on April 2nd from 7 to 9pm, but from what I hear new work will be popping up until the show ends April 20th, so check it out whenever you stop in for your daily fix.

Rocket Cat Cafe
2001 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125

TTLY, Andrea