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Unless, the sophomore LP from LA trio Crescendo is said to have been conceptualized in a space ship, where members Gregory Cole, Olive Kimoto, and Jess Krichelle got to...

Unless, the sophomore LP from LA trio Crescendo is said to have been conceptualized in a space ship, where members Gregory Cole, Olive Kimoto, and Jess Krichelle got to know themselves and each other very intimately, spiritually and intellectually that is… Their sound is a spacey amalgam of dream pop and shoegaze that they have actually named dreamgaze.  The album is largely inspired by “the arts,” both high and low, the Romantics and Science Fiction in equal measures.  It would also seem to be heavily influenced by the human experience, both remembered and imagined.  Unless comes out February 19th on We Were Never Being Boring and Crescendo founder Gregory Cole recently took some time to tell me even more about their sophomore effort.

Izzy Cihak: I love that you branded yourselves as “Dreamgaze,” so I’m curious what are the biggest musical influences behind DreamGaze?  I mean, it’s self-explanatory, but what specific artists or records have had the biggest influences on your own sound?

Gregory Cole: Thank You. Too many to name.

Izzy: And would you care to talk about Crescendo’s biggest non-musical influences?  They’re almost always more interesting, but you, in particular, seem to have some really cool non-musical influences that would seem to inspire the band to a pretty profound degree.

Gregory: Family, Friends, Community, Teamwork, Romanticism, People,  All corners of the Art universe, Obsession with Growth, oil paintings, impressionism, drawings, science fiction, space exploration, movies, comic books, books, fiction, poetry, alternate dimensions, dancing, traveling, nights out, dance parties, hospitality, evolving, supporting others, changing the world.

Izzy: Is there anything you think is especially important for fans and potential fans to know about Crescendo and your process of writing and recording music, or just your aim as artists?  I realize this is sort of related to my last question.

Gregory: Yes, we want to meet you, make sure you’re comfortable at shows, inspire you to dance, create a safe place at our shows where people can meet someone special, inspire you to go next level with your life and passions, help you disappear from everything bringing you down, teleport you to another world on the dance floor or while you’re walking around with headphones on/car, and get to know you/hang out with you.

Izzy: Your sophomore LP, Unless, is about to be released.  How do you feel like the album compares to your debut?  Does it feel like it was a natural progression, or something a little different, or both?

Gregory: It’s our strongest collaboration to date, evolution state relies on the opinion of the listener.

Izzy: This band is still relatively new. What have been some of the highlights for you so far?

Gregory: Building a community of artists and friendships, helping everyone make their dreams come true as a team. See

Izzy: And how are you hoping and planning to spend 2016, after your LP drops? Any chance of some touring?

Gregory: Yes, over 23 national dates in March, as much touring as possible, both national and international, making sure everyone is always comfortable, safe, inspired, and creating a place in Crescendo where we and everyone we know and don’t know can grow infinitely. Thank You.

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