Former member of Joy Division and New Order Peter Hook and his band The Light return to Philadelphia to perform the legendary Joy Division and New Order compilation albums Substance live, sequentially and in their entireties, on April 26th at Union Transfer.

Originally intended to be played in the CD player of a Jaguar for Tony Wilson of Factory Records in 1987, New Order’s Substance had become the best selling New Order album upon its release, selling 2 million copies of its double LP in America alone. Arguably the most influential album since the original recordings of Ceremony (1981), Substance is a staple to the Post Punk/New Wave era and a catalyst for any of the genre’s new listeners.

If you need more reason other than dancing to Bizarre Love Triangle in its truest form (that’s reason #1) here are four more reasons you should get your tickets today for Peter Hook and The Light’s performance at Union Transfer:

  1. If you are over forty-years-old, you’ll either feel young again or just thankful you discovered Joy Division in an authentic way. Yes, it is hard to believe that some millennials have discovered who Ian Curtis was via Wikipedia or Apple Music–most likely working backwards from their current joy for Interpol. Hey, at least they’re evolving in their tastes and hopefully also caught wind of Pere Ubu along the way.
  2. For the Everest of music nerds (and for the few who saw Peter Hook at The Trocadero in 2016, his 2010  Making Time performance of Unknown Pleasures at Voyeur, or if you’re totally hardcore and saw New Order at The Mann Center in both 2013 and 1987), comparing the acoustics in all the past venues Hook’s played in Philly to Union Transfer will be a melodic joy.
  3. Substance is two beautiful albums in one, or as Allmusic calls it “the best adjunct to the two albums anyone could want.” So with a performance that is to be sequential in its entirety is a bit of a double feature.
  4. You can be that person just there for the hits and no one will judge you–and vice versa! Whether Blue Monday and Ceremony are your favorite tracks, or the instrumental version of Thieves Like Us (featured in an 80’s film none other than Pretty in Pink), Hook and The Light have you covered! We’ll see you there.


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