But Keith Olbermann Had Me Worrying: If A President Obama Was Assassinated In The Future… Would We Have To Blame The Way John McCain Is Running His Campaign Today?

With PPL Calling For Obama’s Death… SRSLY… At McCain/Palin Rallies… Do We Need To Be Worrying ABT A President Obama‘s Safety… Already?

And Why Aren’t McCain And Palin Doing More To Address Their Extremist Supporters’ Dumb-Ass Comments?

Keith Olbermann, October 14th, 2008:


OMG OMG OMG… I Just Heard This Really Good Joke.

What’s The Difference Between Sarah Palin’s Mouth, And Her Vagina?

Less Retarded Things Come Out Of Her Vagina!

… Oh… That’s Nasty… I Don’t Like Who I Am Today. 🙁

TTLY, Conrad