Emma Louise: “I’d never really listened to much music…”

Emma Louise has been a YouTube sensation, has self-released an award-winning EP, has traveled much of the globe with a nearly awe-inspiring live experience but, it wasn’t until earlier...

Emma Louise has been a YouTube sensation, has self-released an award-winning EP, has traveled much of the globe with a nearly awe-inspiring live experience but, it wasn’t until earlier this month that she finally has a proper LP, which was released stateside on Frenchkiss Records.  Emma Louise is originally from Cairns, Australia, but relocated to Brisbane at 16, although last year she spent a few significant months in NYC, which are apparently a bit of an inspiration behind her first full-length, Vs. Head Vs. HeartVs. Head Vs. Heart spans quite a gamut of sounds, but weaves them together in a manner far more logical than seems plausible.  Emma’s roots, or at least her fan-dom’s roots, would seem to be in the folk-singer/songwriter genre, but on her LP’s most impressive moments, she channels this aesthetic into erotic electronic minimalism that could soundtrack 1:50 at any indie dance party in America.  At times it’s hard to deduce whether Emma is exploring the morbid undertones of the most “natural” feeling human experiences, or finding exquisite beauty in the darkest of experiences, but… either way… it’s quite cool.  I recently got a chance to chat with her and, as bold as are her sounds, she proves to be just as modest.

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Izzy Cihak: You’ve experienced a lot in your musical career, despite still being relatively young.  What have been the highlights thus far?

Emma Louise: So far, I’d say all of the travel. I’d never travelled before last year, so I feel pretty lucky to be able to do that.

IC: I kind of love that Beat Magazine compares you to Goldie Hawn and Jena Malone, haha.  How do you take that?  Are there any historical figures (living or dead) that you actually identify with to a profound degree (or just like a lot)?  (I’m totally one of those Morrissey guys.)

EL: Haha, no, not really. I find it hard to know who I’m like from an outside perspective. I’m not sure who Jena Malone is, but I like Goldie Hawn.

IC: What would you consider most influential to the sounds found on Vs. Head Vs. Heart, whether it be something musical or not?

EL: I think meeting Matt Dug Red, my producer, and working with my bass player, Graham Ritchie. I’d never really listened to much music until they gave me libraries full of it to listen to. I’ve really loved sinking into music more analytically, with some good headphones. It’s like a secret journey through all the delicate sounds, if it’s a good album.

[youtube http://youtu.be/H33KDQtr3A8]

IC: You’re signed to Frenchkiss Records, which is pretty awesome.  What are your thoughts on the label?  Do you have any particular favorite label peers?

EL: I haven’t really met any other people on the label, but they’re probably all really cool. Frenchkiss seemed really down to earth and real, compared to the other labels we were checking out, too.

IC: What are the things you’re most excited for in 2013?

EL: I really want to start playing shows in America, Europe, and the UK. If my album is received well in the US, I’d travel over there, for sure. The live show is a reflection of the album, with little extensions here and there. I’m excited about the live show. I really want to bring it to the US.

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