Although the majority of emerging bands of the “hard rock” persuasion have seemed largely stale and dated in recent years, LA rockers Dorothy have offered a ray of hope with their sleazy brand of ultra-heavy blues, reminiscent of the most Rock’N’Roll of Rock’N’Roll bands.  The band boasts super-sexy Southern riffs and a supervixen frontwoman (Dorothy Martin) who resembles a pin-up princess taking on the role of Taime Downe.  They released their debut LP, the-appropriately-titled Rockisdead, in the summer of 2016 on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and they’ve basically been touring ever since.  They’ve played Philthy’s biggest festival, Made in America, and last year they sold out The Foundry.  Last Spring they released “Down to the Bottom,” an arena-sized anthem that desperately needs to be added to the soundtrack to an epic 1970s slasher film and they kicked off their biggest headlining tour the first week of the calendar year. They will be playing host to an epic Saturday night party at the TLA on January 13th, which I would highly recommend attending.  In the meantime, check out a live rendition of their latest hit.