In a recent interview with The Deli, Man Man’s Honus Honus (Ryan Kattner) shared the great news of some progress on his upcoming album with Island’s Nick Thornburn (formerly of The Unicorns.) Kattner tells us that Thornburn and himself equally share vocals while Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, The Shins, Blackheart) is the group’s percussionist.

So how is this going to sound, besides awesome? “If you can imagine a collision of Nick and my own songwriting styles packed into 3 minutes and under per song, then you’ll get an idea for the sound of the band,” says Ryan Kattner. The group is actually developing a genre called Doom Wop which Thornburn describes as “essentially low frequency, and extremely slowed down music atop traditional doo wop harmonies. Or something.”

The three musicians are currently working out schedules to play a few shows in support of the record. They will be recording sometime this winter and hope to release the album next year. In the words of Honus Honus, “have low expectations and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” Humble dude, but I think we can all have high expectations and still be pleasantly surprised.

Read the entire interview here.