Do It for the Kids: 12/4 – 12/10

So last week there was a shortage of good all ages shows in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.  In fact, there were none.  For those over...

So last week there was a shortage of good all ages shows in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.  In fact, there were none.  For those over 21, Philthy’s own Patty Crash did have a reinvention of sorts at Woody’s that was part burlesque and part DIY electro punk performance art (but more on that in the near future).  However, this week (just in time for the last days of classes of the fall semester at Temple University) there are plenty to choose from.


YACHT @ First Unitarian Church (12/4)

8 pm, $12

If you haven’t read my recent interview with YACHT’s Claire Evans, read it.  If that isn’t enough to make you attend, then I have no interest in knowing you.

Tristen @ World Café Live (12/7)

8 pm, $9

Tristen is a lovely singer/songstress from the American Middle-West.  Beyond that, I have a bit of trouble placing her.  She’s melancholically romantic to the nth degree… but there’s more to it than that.  She’s equally as quirky.  She seems to be well versed in “the classics” of country, but without being bogged down in excessively twangy depression.  She seems inspired by post punk, but doesn’t take herself quite so seriously.  And she’s not exactly a million miles from contemporary indie pop… but she’s far from lacking in sincerity.  She’s a bit of all of the things you should be listening to right now all rolled into one girl… one pretty awesome girl.

Oh Land @ Union Transfer (12/8)

8 pm, $15-$17

Oh Land is an electrified chanteuse whose output is clubby enough for those who wish they were youthful Eurotrash, electro enough for this latest wave of dance-friendly scenesters, and popularly catchy enough for pretty much everyone else.

The Birthday Massacre (supporting Dir En Grey) @ Theatre of the Living Arts (12/9)

7 pm, $39.50

Earlier this year synthpopping six-piece The Birthday Massacre dropped their most delicate release to-date, Imaginary Monsters, which is reminiscent of the soundtrack to prom at the Apocalypse.  The EP is comprised of three new tracks and a number remixes from their last LP, Pins and Needles, courtesy of the likes of Tweaker, SKOLD, and Combichrist.  For those who have never seen the band live, performances play out a bit like a musical adaptation of A Clockwork Orange performed by wood nymphs with synthesizers… not to be missed.

Yelle @ Union Transfer (12/10)

8 pm, $15

… I’m just realizing that by the end of the week I will have likely danced-off at least ten pounds.  And that will all be capped-off by the brash, glittering, synthetic gloom of Yelle.  Their latest, Safari Disco Club is just as epic, but far more dynamic (generally in the direction of darkness), than their debut and their first Philthy performance is looking like it’s going to be the most “glorious” indie spectacle of the year.



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