Dead Fingers and Throbbing Hearts

There’s something very cinematic about the sounds of Dead Fingers.  At times it rings of the kind of vintage country that would be romanticized by Jim Jarmusch.  At times...

There’s something very cinematic about the sounds of Dead Fingers.  At times it rings of the kind of vintage country that would be romanticized by Jim Jarmusch.  At times it’s reminiscent of the effortless, alcohol-addled, late-night folk jamming of Bob Dylan and friends captured by D.A. Pennebaker in Dont Look Back.  And at time it sounds like the kind of Southern Rock that those kooky kids from Dazed and Confused would shoot pool to.

Dead Fingers are real-life married couple Taylor Hollingsworth and Kate Taylor and their self-titled debut drops Tuesday (Feb. 28th) on Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records.  The album is a mutually constructed love letter to each other… it’s certainly badass, but sentiments of sugar and spice do regularly make their way to the forefront (Imagine if the New York Dolls made an acoustic Americana record.)

Although this is Hollingsworth and Taylor’s first joint effort under the Dead Fingers moniker, you’re likely familiar with at least one of them from previous projects.  Taylor Hollingsworth has a handful of solo records, along with the credit of guitar-slinger for Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band.  And Kate Taylor has regularly been found backing Maria Taylor on keys, drums, and bass.  I recently chatted with the two (well, mostly Taylor).  Here’s what they had to say.

Izzy Cihak: Although this is the first Dead Fingers album, both of you have fairly extensive resumes.  What do you consider to be the highlights of your career up until this point?

Taylor Hollingsworth: Hmmm, hard one…. not sure…. I think I feel the best when I’m in the studio tracking a song that I’m really into… or writing a song that I think I’m really liking or thinking is really good, so in that case I’ve had many highlights…

Kate Taylor: There’s not one specific shining moment, but I guess when I’m overseas, playing a sold out show.  It’s pretty sweet…

IC: How do you think that this project relates to previous projects of yours? Is there anything you are doing or trying for the first time?  What should long-time fans expect?

TH: Tuff questions!  I think this project is just a natural progression of where we are at, both musically and in life…. long time fans should expect more from our natural progression…

IC: I saw on your Facebook page that you “like” Har Mar Superstar which, I have to say, I found super surprising.  Do you have any other likes or influences that fans might never guess?

TH: Haha… Yeah Har Mar is our bro! He’s the bomb…. probably a lot of likes and influences people might not guess…. Notorious B.I.G. is killer.

IC: How did the two of you first come together?  Were you a couple first or collaborators first?

TH: We met at the Mexican restaurant we worked at called Rojo! Yep, couple first, then started playing on each other’s stuff, then nature took its course.

IC: The band is hitting the road in 2012.  What should fans and potential fans expect of the live show?

TH: Well, we’ll most likely be a three-piece band, with two guitars and a drummer… and mostly playing songs from the record… might add an occasional jam or cover song… definitely be lots of harmony singing.

IC: Is their one song on your debut that you feel like best sums up Dead Fingers’ aesthetic?  “Another Planet” is one of my early favorites of 2012.

TH: Wow, Thanks!!! Not sure if one sums it up completely, but that one might be the closest to the middle ground…


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