Conan O’Brien kicks off his “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour”, in Universal City, California, with a BEARD!!

I love Conan. I think. At least I used to love him when I stayed up to watch him in high school. I didn’t watch much of his Tonight Show, mostly because I don’t have a t.v., although I did catch a little of it when I was living at my parents with my broken leg last summer. It was ok, I guess, but I think most people our age would rather watch the Daily Show, at least I would, if any kind of late-night programing.

I think he should have signed a deal with Hulu or something, not TBS, to attract a younger audieance, and to step into what is so obviously the future of programing. I mean seriously, how many of you watch t.v. on the internet?

Anyway, if you’re into it Conan O’Brien will be in Philadelphia, June 7, at the Tower Theatre, and you can guy tickets HERE (tickets go from $40 to $80). Would you go pay $40 to see Conan O’Brien? Hhhmmmm…

TTLY, Conrad