Philthy Mag has been profiling a noteworthy number of “sister acts” as of late, however, Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady, AKA CocoRosie, have been at it for a decade now, long before it seemed to be any kind of a trend.  The two sisters, despite being American by birth, actually decided to start making music after getting together in Paris for the first time in several years.  Now, ten years on, they’re up to five full-length albums.  Their latest, Tales of a Grass Widow, was released this May on City Slang Records.  Throughout the years the sisters have been known for an eclectic kind of quirkiness, utilizing children’s toys and traditional and exotic musical devices for a sound that rings of avant-garde folk, sugary pop, opera, electronica, and rap… all at once… They’ve gained a plethora of lovers and haters throughout the years, and not just for their musicality, but also an insatiable desire to explore the taboo.  Tales of a Grass Widow, however, has the girls at their most mature and coherent.  It might lack some of the brash appeal of earlier work, but the songs are the most easily enjoyable of their career… and that’s not a bad thing.  They currently seem to be exploring traditional songwriting with a bevy of postmodern, synthetic devices and the result is a liberated brand of sonic dreaminess.  In addition to the music itself, CocoRosie has gained a reputation for the minimalist media spectacles that are their live show.  And lucky for The City of Love and Sisterly Affection, they will be in town tonight at the TLA, putting on something along the lines of what you can see below.