A night on the town with Me and Louisa… Cockblocking. 

To see how the night turned out, click below…

Photos from Louisa Engle

Things I liked about this night:

-The music… 90% of which would be really good on a playlist that you could play while you boned someone.

-Jem & her friends… So stylish!

-Playing doubles pool for 30 minutes without anyone sinking a ball. 

-Louisa probably being the best pool player there. (Not too impressive taking into account what I said above.)

-Shooting on my knees (thought I could get a better sense of where things needed to go from that angle) and getting in the way of a girl trying to get a pool stick, while she makes a nasty face at me, probably not knowing that someone was taking a photo, and that it would end up on this blog.

Sad things:

-Finding out that local pool hawk Country Joe was banned from Mom’s… One day gone and already everyone is shitty at pool. 

TTLY, Conrad