Philthy’s Style Department & Features Editor LZ RN recently spent some time in Australia… and is tentatively considering moving there… I have recently chatted-with and crushed-on a number of Aussie artists (The Falls, Rainbow Chan, Lenka, Emma Louise, Emperors)… and I’m starting to think that that locale may be a play worth relocating.  Cloud Control only help strengthen the argument… despite the fact that they are currently residing in the UK.  Cloud Control were born in Australia’s Blue Mountains.  The band has become known for a folky brand of psychedelic indie pop, which is both hazily introspective and accessibly catchy.  Their 2011 debut, Bliss Release, was a critical darling of Aussie music critics and panels and they’ve since shared stages with mega-acts, such as Weezer, The Arcade Fire, and Vampire Weekend.  The band just played a handful of US headlining dates earlier this month (several of which sold out), and on September 17th there sophomore LP, Dream Cave, is set to drop in the US on Votiv.  The band recently took some time to chat with me about the newfound freedom they’ve felt exploring their most recent sounds.

Izzy Cihak: What have been your highlights of 2013, thus far?

Cloud Control: Hello. Well, we recorded our record in the first half of the year, in a studio in Kent, UK and a cave in Beer (that’s what it’s called), on the other side of the UK. We recently played a big festival in Australia, Splendour In The Grass, which was amazing..

IC: How would you characterize the album, compared to your debut, whether in regards to your current sound or the writing and recording process itself?

CC: It is a more varied album, more sounds and different production ideas. We started most of the songs individually and then finished them in lounge rooms before taking them to the studio, where most of the vibe and details were found. This let us be spontaneous with songs we weren’t 100% sure on how to play, ‘cause we had the material ready to go.

IC: What were the album’s biggest influences?

CC: We all listen to so much different stuff and everyone we talk to pick different bands they think we sound like. We kept saying, “NO RULES” during the recording process. I think you just need to listen to it and see what you find.

IC: You’re touring nearly through to the end of the year.  What can concertgoers expect of the live experience?

CC: I think we are more relaxed these days. We try and be comfortable on stage so the audience can, too. We’ll play tracks off both albums, so get ready for some new stuff !

IC: What are your plans for how you’re going to finish off 2013 and begin 2014?

CC: We will probably be in Australia over the summer for festivals and stuff.   After that we will probably do SXSW and then just keep touring. We’ll go anywhere people wants us. Thanks !