Buildings from left to right (graph from
-Freedom Tower, New York (2013)
-American Commerce Center, Philadelphia (2012)
-Sears Tower, Chicago (1974)
-Trump International Hotel & Tower , Chicago (2009)
-200 Greenwich, New Yok (2012)
-Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and Residences, Chicago (2012)
-Empire State Building, New York (1931)

Ok so I know I’m usually all, “fuck the system and eat the rich,” however… This building makes me forget how evil money is for just a few seconds. And that’s important to me.

Next step for the people who want to see the American Commerce Center get built? Find companies to move to Philly and into this building in possibly the worst economic climate the nation has seen in decades. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Not even close.

Hey, if the Phillies can win the World Series, and Obama can get in the White House, maybe this building can get off the ground too! (Have we entered the age of Aquarius yet?)

Click here or watch below to see the American Commerce Center in all it’s glory (really cool graphics):

Build this building!

TTLY, Conrad