So What Does George W. Bush Regret Most About His Notorious Presidency?

-Mishandling Katrina?
-Condoning Torture?
-Occupying Iraq?
-Wire Tapping Citizens?
-Deregulating Wall Street?
-Ignoring The Health Care Crisis?
-Ignoring The Environment?
-Ignoring Education?
-Racking Up Trillions In Debt?
-Pretending That 9/11 Wasn’t An Inside Job?
(I Think You Get The Point.)

Not So Much… Listen To Bush’s “Regrets” Here:


Damn, He’s Got A Long Way To Go.

According To Some Dumb Shit Poll I Read On CNN, Only About 37% Of People Asked Said That They Would Purchase A Bush Memoir… But Maybe That’s Only Because No One Has Money!

TTLY, Conrad