Philthy Paul here,

IMG_0627Im pretty sure we have hit record snowfall here in Philadelphia.  I recently moved into Center City and today I armed myself with my trustly compact-able  shovel and a car tool and set off into the night.  I encountered many stranded vehicles which i helped out, a cbs news crew, and many downed trees… The streets had minimal traffic, with your occasional taxi or PGW truck with plow.  The only businesses that were open were bars and a few restaurants.  PARC was open serving high society onlooking the penn students having a snowball fight in rittenhouse park.  Mayor Nutter has declared that all government operations closed thursday ( and i believe friday as well ).  Everyone that i saw in the streets were holding plastic cups of alcohol.  This is truly a state of emergency.  The PPA rakes in millions of dollars yet there is no snow removal services in the city.  I helped out a Philadelphia police car stuck in the snow while uncovering my bm-dubew.. My roommate mike is a city firefighter.  I called him and they have been out on assistance calls all night.  They were even called to a house that collapsed on itself.  Where are the plows?  Trees are collapsing from all of the snow falling.

Here is a picture feed of my exploits tonight: