… I like any band that doesn’t take themselves seriously… That’s not true… But I don’t like any band that does take themselves seriously… And I quite like Blank Realm.  Blank Realm are a band of three siblings and one friend from Brisbane who, somehow, manage to blend the kind of rock your dad likes with the kind of rock your record-store-aficionado Gen. X cousin likes… although they are a bit more of the latter.  They’ve had quite the year, thus far.  As of June 3rd, Fire Records will have reissued two of their albums in 2013; they have a new record nearly completed; and they’re currently on a US tour, which includes a local stop on May 29th at Orlieb’s Lounge (Oh, shit, look, three inches two the right is a direct link to the venue’s website.)  I recently got a chance to chat with singer/drummer Daniel Spencer (one of the siblings), who summed up Blank Realm for me in a far more concise manner than I could.

Blank Realm photo 1

Izzy Cihak: You recently reissued Go Easy in the US.   Have you had any favorite responses to the release, whether critical or from fans and friends?

Daniel Spencer: That’s a tough one.  We are really just stoked that people seem to like it. My Dad said we were ‘getting better’. He previously described us as ‘musical graffiti’, so I guess that’s  a step up.

IC: Fire Records is also going to be reissuing Deja What?  What can fans of Go Easy expect of this release?

DS: It’s kind of a transitional release, with one foot in this muddy noise netherworld, and one foot in classic rock. It was a weird time. My Dad wasn’t into it.

IC: What do you consider to be the band’s biggest influences and inspirations, whether musical or non-musical?

DS: Pere Ubu, the Dead C, the Stones, the Go Betweens. Brisbane weather, hot n’ slow.

IC: You’ve gained quite a reputation for your live show.  What can US fans expect of your upcoming dates?

DS: Well, as we proved on stage in Bloomington the other night, they should not expect professionalism. We will have fun and rock hard every night, though. Be drunk if you can.

IC: What are you most excited for in the second half of 2013?  What are your most prominent hopes and goals?

DS: Well, we have a new album nearly done. We hope people like it. The meat-eaters in the band want to find the best cheesesteak in Philly.

IC: It’s Pat’s.

[youtube http://youtu.be/K_la-vhGuQw]