This Friday, October 28th, Black Kids are back in Philly with new tracks from their upcoming (yet to be named) 2017 album, including their latest release: Obligatory Drugs, headlining at Kung Fu Necktie.
Whether you remember a time you had danced at a DIY basement party with a fervent sense of 90’s-nostalgia to a song about someone not teaching your boyfriend how to dance with you, or (much later) re-living said song in the context of an overly self-aware high school sitcom’s prom episode; the Florida-based indie rock band Black Kids are back with a new video and currently are on tour.

In 2007, Black Kids’ took the charts by storm when their EP “Wizard of Ahhhs” won Best New Music from Pitchfork, praised as being “catchy, tightly executed songs that put a memorable stamp on pop’s classic themes”. Our innocent hearts beat with classic coolness during their performances at Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Glastonbury; and they showed late-night television how to dance dance dance dance with appearances on Letterman, Leno, and Kimmel.

After having stepped back from the spotlight “to load up on college degrees, procreate, and work on other things,” said in one of the band’s tweets, the kids are back—and like most of their fanbase: all grown up. The band’s forthcoming 2017 album will be their first full release since “Partie Traumatic.” Their new material comes with an evolved mature sound that plays around with jazz, tropicalia, and hip-hop tropes. Lead singer and guitarist Reggie Youngblood says of their latest track, Obligatory Drugs, “Even though it’s a sort of outlier on the new record, it’s like most Black Kids songs in that it’s a genre experiment,” and explains with the question, “What if Mark E. Smith had social-media anxiety and barked over a Specials track?”

Find out for yourself and check out their latest music video. Featuring animation by artist Bjorn Miner, the video was also filmed by the band themselves in their hometown Jacksonville, Florida as well as in Portland and Brooklyn. You can also see them this Friday at Kung Fu Necktie with supporting acts BRYANT EUGENE VAZQUEZ, dweeb, and DJ Eric Schuman.