Black Country, New Road play in the sanctuary of First Unitarian Church on 9/19.

English art rock band, Black Country, New Road, play a gorgeous set in the sanctuary of Philly's beloved church venue.

Black Country, New Road is a band I’ve been following since they released their first single, Sunglasses, back in 2019. They drew me in with the noisy post punk they created for their first album. I was devastated when the band announced that their lead vocalist and guitarist, Isaac Wood, would be departing BCNR. This news came a mere two days before the release of their second album, and only a couple weeks prior to their show I had been eagerly waiting for. The band stated that they will no longer be playing the songs that Isaac was in live, and they will only perform new music from then on.

Fast forward a couple years, I was finally able to attend and photograph a show for a band that has been so close to my heart for some time now. They couldn’t have performed their gorgeous music in a more beautiful setting, the sanctuary of Philly’s iconic First Unitarian Church. I left that night feeling like I had just attended a fancy ballet or opera performance. They were that good.

BCNR’s opener from New York, Daneshevkaya, also delivered a stunning performance. Check out the photos I took of the show below!


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