Brown Bird photo 2

“It is awesome!” proclaims MorganEve Swain when I ask her how to characterize Brown Bird’s upcoming album.  The album is called Fits of Reason and it’s set to be released April 2nd on Supply & Demand Music.  Brown Bird is a duo comprised of Swain and her partner, David Lamb.  Their sound is a bit hard to pin down.  The last time I chatted with the couple, Lamb described it as, “Delicate music with a lot of subtleties,” while Swain added, “I would like people to know that we’re not a folk band.”  At the time they were referring to Salt for Salt, their sophomore LP, a collection of soulful, rootsy acoustic blues.  However, they’re currently heading in a different direction.  “Dave is playing primarily electric guitar and there are twos song where I’m playing electric bass,” Swain tells me, going on to explain, “We’ve been listening to a lot of 60s psych rock  from places like Turkey and India.”  “We’ve been watching a lot of spiritual documentaries… but that’s more Dave than me,” she tells me, going on to say that he’s inspired by a lot of the great Western thinkers, citing Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Paine: “That’s where his lyrics come from… He’s on a perpetual journey to more fully educate himself.”  Although their new sounds aren’t currently available online, they are on tour and will be making a stop at Kung Fu Necktie this Friday, February 8th, and MorganEve promises that they will be performing a handful of new tracks.  As for what they have on tap for the rest of the year, she tells me “We’re really excited about the release.  There’s going to be lots of touring behind that… We’d love to get a tour overseas.”