Like all progress in this city, getting the American Commerce Center built has been a painfully slow process. Speeding up the process? MONEY! 

If built, the American Commerce Center would bring in an extra estimated 5 million tax dollars yearly. And with our city in a pretty serious budget deficit, this building is the next best thing to a casino for raking in the dough. That said, there is no opposition in the city government to this project. And I believe there is only one more approval meeting before they start trying to build it.  

How do the people of Philadelphia feel abt the project? Well according to the comments left under a video breaking this story on, opinions are mixed. (Please reference photo of said comments above!) Two people are thrilled. One person is not thrilled (proly old person/from the Northeast). One person is racist (proly old person/from the Northeast). And one person thinks that, “millions of people were killed on September 11th, 2001,” (proly old person/from the Northeast).

Yup… That abt sums up Philadelphia.

Build it!

TTLY, Conrad

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