This Thursday, August 18th, Franky Bradley’s will be hosting two sets from LA’s No Small Children, who sound a bit more like a band of superheroes than a band of rockers (Not that they’re mutually exclusive… They did have their cover of the classic Ghostbusters theme song featured in the recent remake…)  No Small Children are Lisa Pimentel, Joanie Pimentel, and Nicola Berlinsky, three elementary school teachers who, in 2012, decided to join forces and spend their nights kicking out punky, rockabilly-tinged, alt rock jams that would sound at home on Blackheart Records… They’re currently touring behind their third LP, Hold Tight, I’m Flying.

This Monday I got a chance to meet Lisa, Joanie, and Nicola, who tell me that the places they’ve found their music are just as delightfully endearing as their own backstory, including hearing a song of theirs play at a Sunday mass at a church hosting a biker rally, and in workout videos fans have sent them to the soundtrack of their tunes (“We made a workout video to our music, but then we had fans make their own like, Jane-Fonda-style workout videos and send them back to us.”)  And when I ask about the highlights of the band, Nicola tells me that these are the kinds of things that they get most excited about, “We’re constantly having new life experiences and thinking about how much of the country we’ve seen together and we’re meeting people we would never have met otherwise,” while Joanie emphasizes that when the band began they decided to, “Say yes to everything,” and right off the bat managed to play 55 shows in four months.  And when we talk about the live show that they’ll be bringing to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection this Thursday, it’s apparent that that’s what they’re most passionate about.

“Our goal is to build a night for everyone, invite everyone to come in and be part of it and hopefully leave feeling more connected.  One of the most amazing things to have happen is to look out and see someone singing your lyrics back to you… People tell us they like the energy from the stage.  We plan to melt faces.  We wear pretty dresses and melt faces.”