“Anyone that tells you you have to work at a relationship is dead wrong… It’s all about marrying someone who is just like you,” says Sean Beavan, one half of 8mm.  The other half is his lovely wife, Juliette (Beavan).  “When I heard she could sing it was like, ‘Great, an excuse to spend more time together.’ It’s unbelievable.  She’s my best friend,” says Sean.  The two recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary, this past Halloween.  And they’ve been making music together (no pun intended) for about as long… The two met after Sean and Trent Reznor (a long-time musical partner) moved from Cleveland to New Orleans, which is where Juliette was located They’ve since relocated to LA.)

8mm are set to begin their first East Coast tour (dates listed below) this Friday, November 30th, in Cleveland, which coincides with the release of their latest album, Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts on vinyl (released digitally and on CD this September).  The band is best known for their own brand of trip hop (not surprising, considering most of Sean’s time as a producer and mixer was for the likes of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Kill Hannah), however, in recent years they’ve begun to stray toward something entirely different, which is fully realized on their third and latest LP.“It’s in the vein of hybrid Americana… a little more Western blues,” Sean tells me. “The idea for the album and the sound came about when he found a slide guitar,” Juliette says. “For us, it was a chance to move our music to a new place.  Juliette was listening to a lot of Hank Williams at the time,” adds Sean.  Juliette explains the sound of BTDATBH as, “… It’s kind of a darker thing.  They’re gospel songs, but very dark…” while Sean characterizes it as, “Depression-era gospel blues… We’re kind of returning to our roots and how the ‘individual’ plays the instrument.”  The album has been garnering rave review from the likes of FEARnet and High Voltage Magazine about its organic, unbridled eroticism.  And this sentiment certainly isn’t coincidental.  “We always believe music has to be sexy,” Sean tells me.


Tour Dates

Nov 30th – Cleveland, OH – The Phantasy Nite Club

Dec 1st – Dayton, OH – South Park Tavern

Dec 2nd – Detroit, MI – Crimson Lounge

Dec 4th – Columbus, OH – Double Happiness

Dec 5th – Chicago, IL – Ultra Lounge

Dec 7th – New York, NY – Piano’s