1. They r using lasers 2 temporarily blind the riot police. (Fcking boss as shit.)

2. The riots were sparked by the police killing of a 15-year-old boy on December 5th. But have flourished over several weeks due the to overwhelming unrest (and 68% disapproval rating) towards the one-seat majority conservative government and it’s handling of everything from the world economic crisis, to the riots itself. 

3. The youth have pushed their way into television and radio studios, forcing broadcasters to put out anti-government messages. (American youth, sill mesmerized by the Wii, wait for a Youth Revolution type first-person game.)

4. Although the riots were, in the beginning, thought to be an outburst by an isolated fringe of violent protesters. 60% of those polled in the country now say the riots r a social uprising. (Viva La Revolution!) 

5. Don’t WE have a 68% disapproval rating? I think… When the government stops working 4 u, U should work on stopping the government. Wut u think?  

Read more abt the Greek Youth Uprising Here (Daily Mail), and HERE (Huffington Post).

TTLY, Conrad